Trail Mix Bar

Hello party people 💙 We have had such a fun filled weekend. My sons birthday was Saturday and the theme was Young, Wild & Three! I decided instead of doing a ton of food this year, I would just do a trail mix bar. It was a hit! Below is how you can create one to.  […]

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ABC’s Toddler Activity DIY

Hello 🔤 So with colder weather approaching, I am starting to transition to more indoor activities for my toddler! My son loves puzzles and figuring out new toys. I saw this a couple of years ago, and now my son is finally old enough for us to try it!  Everything was FREE! The materials are completely […]

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Carpool Terror

Here’s a few short videos to explain just how I feel about carpool in my future. It’s looking bleak people, real bleak. Just kidding- but seriously carpool line is ridiculous, can we all agree? #parenting #kids #school #carpool #momlife

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Fall Festivals

Hey everyone!! I am a sucker for a good fall festival! Taking the kids, getting goodies, and enjoying family time. 😊 Below, is a calendar detailing some festivals in my area. I wanted to share them with my local mommas so I’m posting here! I hope you and your family can get out and have […]

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Homemade Chicken Alfredo

Hello 🍝 I love pasta!! Before I moved out on my own, I never cooked my own pasta dishes. Since then- I have learned how to make many different dishes and it makes dinner different and fun! This is a Chicken Alfredo recipe with a little kick! You don’t have to add the red pepper […]

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DIY Honey Face Masks

Hello 🦄 So I love to do face masks. I also love a good DIY! This is both of those in one! Below, I have my three favorite DIY honey face masks. They are so easy to make and have such simple ingredients. I love how natural it is, and being able to say I […]

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Jalapeño Garlic Guacamole

Hello friends 😊 I have to admit, I just recently jumped on the guac train!! Can you believe that? I never liked the earthy plant taste and thought I’d honestly never try it. Well, when I got on my health kick (which I’m still on) I discovered the world of avocado! I realized that it […]

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