New Year, Same Us

New year, same us ❤️

Hello ❤️

I can’t believe that 2018 is over. Whoa, what a year!! It blows my mind to look back at all that’s happened this year. To think, I was pregnant and had a baby this year is just crazy.

This year, I want to try to set some realistic goals so that I don’t just end up letting myself down. I don’t want to make the new year all about starting fresh, because I don’t technically want a fresh start. We had a great year. Despite some hardships that most any family is going to go through, we had so many good things happen to us this year. Looking back on that shows me that our family can conquer anything just the way we are.

2018 was unlike any year I’ve ever had before. I became a mother of two. I became a stay at home mom. I became depressed. I OVERcame. ❤️ I am so thankful and blessed for the amazing people in my life! God truly looks out for me everyday.

Now, don’t get me wrong I do have a few things that I’d like to start with the new year. I will share below my top 5 goals for next year. I have focused more this year on trying to set goals for my children. I want to incorporate new things into their days and teach them all I can while I have them with me. For my goals, I choose one for myself, one for each of my children, and one for my relationship- and a little funny one!

Just remember- it’s always fun to set goals and try new things! Don’t feel defeated just because you hit a bump in the road. You got this.

Thank you all for reading! This year I decided to start this blog and I’m so happy I did. I have found much fulfillment from being able to share my experiences. If I can help just one mom, I’m doing something right. My blog is a direct reflection of my life- with real pictures, no sponsors and original ideas. I pride myself on having a practical blog and approach to motherhood! Again, thank you for reading- and oh yeah.. keep reading 😉

TOP 5 Goals for 2019

1. Gain 10-15lbs.

2. Teach Blair to walk and talk.

3. Get Braylen ready for Pre-K.

4. Grow mine and Tyler’s relationship through new experiences and overcoming everything together!

5. Don’t get pregnant!!! Haha 😂

Below some pictures of our family from Christmas ❤️ Happy New Year loves!


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