Teaching My Toddler- Monthly Guide

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Whether you are a stay at home mom or work away from the home- we all want to help our little ones learn all that they can. I have found it difficult to organize the topics and decide what to teach him each day without overwhelming him. So, I hope that this monthly guide can help you like it is helping me to stay on track with teaching him new things.

As moms, we have a duty to teach our children all the skills they need. It’s a tough job, but I know you’re doing great!

I have pretty much made an outline for what you would teach and focus on for each month. You can get creative with how do you teach these different items. Whether it be using your blocks, incorporating outdoors, cooking, or anything else you can think of to help learn the colors, shapes, and other fun stuff! I also included an activity for each month. Come up with something that would better suit your child if you need to!

**Every craft idea or activity will be saved directly to my “Teaching Your Toddler” board on Pinterest. You can follow me at Inside.Motherhood to see that board and save those ideas!**

January • Snowflakes

Color: Blue

Shape: Triangle

Animal: Cow

Activity Idea: Cut our snowflakes from white paper. Try cutting different shapes and letting you little one unfold the creation.

February • Flowers

Color: Pink

Shape: Heart

Animal: Elephant

Activity: Draw/Color flowers of all different kinds all month. Flowers in the field, or a bouquet- trying to really get your little to understand the concept!

March • 4 Leaf Clovers

Color: Green

Shape: Circle

Animal: Birds

Activity: Go look for 4 leaf clovers outside together. If you can’t do that- again work on coloring/drawing/cutting out and glueing- all skills they will need to learn! Another idea below!

April: Easter Eggs

Color: Purple

Shape: Circle

Animal: Chicken

Activity: Decorate Easter eggs. Draw eggs on paper and let them decorate for a less messy alternative! But I would have fun with this and just let them have fun. ALSO, for eggs and chickens maybe visit a small farm to get outside for a new experience.

May • Gardens

Color: Black

Shape: Diamond/Rhombus

Animal: Snake

Activity: Get a small house plant or plant a small plant outside. Allow your child to water it, and watch it grow! Teaching not only about gardening, but a little responsibility. Paper craft idea below!

June • Beach

Color: Silver

Shape: Trapezoid

Animal: Fish

Activity: Create a sensory bin that includes water, sand, and some toys! Allowing them to feel the sand and get wet. The water tables are an everyday thing at our house in the summer!!

July • Flags (4th of July)

Color: Yellow

Shape: Moon/Crescent

Animal: Horse

Activity: Make your own flags. Draw a template for your toddler and allow them to create their own! *More advanced: Get a small felt piece and some things to glue onto it. Let your toddler design it while you hot glue on the decorations. Hang it in their room so they feel proud of the work that they have done.

August • Mountains

Color: White

Shape: Pentagon

Animal: Giraffe

Activity: Make your own mountain! Small of course, but build one with your toddler outside! They will really enjoy seeing it come to life after learning about them.

September • Leaves

Color: Gold

Shape: Oval

Animal: Dog

Activity: Go outside and look for lots of different leaves. Make an animal!

October • Pumpkins

Color: Orange

Shape: Rectangle

Animal: Bear

Activity: Carve/paint pumpkins. Go to the pumpkin patch. Make pumpkin seeds for them to eat with you!

November • Thanksgiving

Color: Brown

Shape: Octagon

Animal: Turkey

Activity: Make a turkey! Print out or draw a template and glue on the feathers. Let your toddler help you cook something for Thanksgiving! My biggest tip: Have NO expectations and it will go great!

December • Christmas

Color: Red

Shape: Star

Animal: Cat

Activity: There are SO many for Christmas! Decorate the tree, make cookies, gingerbread houses etc. Be creative I’m sure you’ll find a great one 🙂

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